In the face of changes of environmental protection and the international energy environment; energy development, energy prices, traditional energy depletion, alternative energy are increasingly urgent, and the coordination and integration of environmental protection policies have gradually evolved to reduce waste generation and recycling. Reusing available waste as a resource, the company has developed into a recycling business in accordance with the trend, and is also an environmentally friendly company.


Business Model

Reduce waste generation, recycle and reuse available waste as resources, and at the same time be an environmentally friendly company...

Vision and Core Values

To become a model enterprise of renewable energy, we are more willing to operate with diversification, in order to keep the enterprise strong and serve the society...

Reasons to choose the CHIOU-CHIAN

Passed a number of certifications with cooperating with large companies and government units to integrate all resources and for thriving sustainably...

Renewable Product

The company’s main products are “renewable products”. Uses: lubricant base material, alternative fuel; mainly used as “industrial fuel”


All products are certified by the qualified testing company to issue a formal report that conforms to the national standard specification of CNS1472, which is well grounded for quality assurance.